Practice Areas

· Public Finance · Contractual Matters · HUD Regulations · Employment & Labor · Civil Litigation · Personal Injury · Wrongful Death · Medical Malpractice · Premises Liability · Social Security/Disability Benefits

The Law Firm represents individuals and small businesses as they seek redress for the misfortune they have experienced. The Law Firm has represented these clients in matters involving contractual disputes, business formation, and economic development as well as personal injury, medical malpractice and premises liability.

Chambers & Gaylor Law Firm, PLLC (“the Law Firm”) is a full service law firm that represents businesses, governmental entities, agencies and individuals. The Law Firm has represented their clients in both state and federal court in various jurisdictions across the Southeastern region of the United States. Their clients have included national title insurance agencies, various insurance companies, and several Fortune 500 companies in matters including real estate, commercial transactions, breach of contract, product liability, premises liability, personal injury defense, wage and hour litigation, worker’s compensation, mass tort and various employment matters.

The Law Firm also represents housing agencies, municipalities, counties and utility authorities. As such, the Law Firm has advised their clients in matters including annexation efforts, economic development projects, community development block grant (CDBG) projects, all manner of litigation, municipal matters and contractual issues. Additionally, the Law Firm has provided legal advice to various public school districts, Headstart agencies and housing authorities regarding laws pertaining to procurement, public finance, property law, labor law and federal regulations.

Quality Legal Advice

When you need your legal questions answered, give our team a call. With our expertise, we can answer and address any question or concern. We are knowledgeable about several subjects, such as claims investigation, community development block grants, and municipal matters. Our team even has knowledge of laws pertaining to procurement, public finance, property law, labor law, and federal regulations.

Fighting for Your Rights

Let us fight hard for you by retaining one of our attorneys today! By hiring us, you’ll have your entire case reviewed to determine the best defense of plan of action. We’ll also get to know you, as building a friendly relationship with our clients is a top priority. Our team will be by your side until your case has been resolved.

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